• Visualization of actual audio hardware with Redshift
  • Modelling & texturing experiments in Vray
  • VST Audio Plugin interface rendered with Redshift
  • More Redshift VST
  • Yet another VST interface concept

Started as a small corona render test and ended in a fake title sequence for a fictitious tv series. Heavily 80s and pinout inspired. No post except for typo, sound and cut.

A variation of the original version.

Vray rendered animation for La Concept/LUKAS.

Mograph animation for La Concept/OTTO.

A little tribute to Stanley Kubrick made with Cinema4d R16 and Corona Alpha. No post, all done with Thinking Particles, Xpresso, Dynamics and a Metaball.

Modelling Reel showing some technical and organic modelling.

Just having fun with Advanced Render, Thinking Particles, zblur2 and, of course, Cubase.

A tribute to my favorite musical instrument. All modelling, animation and rendering done in Cinema4D.

"stereotypo" made for "99frames" with Cinema4D R13 involving the new Physical Renderer with DOF and motionblur, no Indirect Illumination and excessive use of Thinking Particles and Xpresso. Rendertime 13 hours with 5 CB points. “99frames” - The Social Animation Project…

This is a render test with Cinema4D's Physical Render that never got finished.

A render test with Cinema4D's new ProRender.

fully procedural, simulated lowpoly bboy kung fu.

This is a procedural experiment without keyframes, that runs in real time and ‒ with a little bit of imagination ‒ reminds of breakdance or martial arts. Based on dynamics simulation, collisions and simple noise movement. Apart from that the file shows a bit about camera automation with Xpresso.
To change motion styles open the noise shaders in the displacement deformers and change parameters like noise type, scale, animation speed and so on. To switch to a more fight-like motion activate the force object.
Download the scene here.